ISTD Book still? – The Seven Ravens

ISTD – Book Still?

This project is a reinvention of the The Brothers Grimm tale, The Seven Ravens.

It has a heavy focus on the thoughts and emotions of the book and uses distorted typography (both hand-rendered and digital) to show this and how the sister in the tale has been deceived. The story is made legible at the back of the book so the viewer can read and understand the morals of the fairytale.

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Ted Baker – D&AD 2013

A project for D&AD’s Ted Baker brief 2013.

An umbrella campaign introducing Ted Baker into Dubai with a focus on the British countryside, using Ted Baker prints, patterns and clothing to make the scenery.

The umbrellas that form the new store window display are pulled apart and placed around rural Dubai to draw attention creating word of mouth. The umbrellas also feature a clothing tag again made from Ted Baker patterns which contain a QR code enabling the viewer to access the app where they can find out about the new store, shop, take pictures and share with their online friends.











Bring paper to life

Bring paper to life – discover your pen pal
A campaign to promote pen pals featuring a stop motion animation and 3D billboards
Team – Lucy perkins & Amber Hadley

Divide magazine

We were given the brief to create a magazine on lifestyle in teams of 6. This involved creating a whole magazine and getting it printed professionally. I had the pleasure of teaming up with AmberEmmaSunjayTasha and Tom.
Our magazine is called Divide and plays on split opinions, it is focused around different aspects of culture and looks into social culture, environment, fashion, technology, politics and music.


‘Divide Magazine is a 21st century culture magazine that appeals to a wider audience. The ‘Divide’ manifesto is based on a contrast of who you want to be and what you conform to. It’s the difference between going out and getting what you want and settling for what you’re given.’
The magazine features a limited edition screen print inside to go with our manifesto.
We were each given our own sections to work on, but all pulled together for the austerity measures  photo shoot as well as the contents page, manifesto and credits pages. We also all produced our own individual covers.
My section was female fashion, here I focused on spring and summer fashion as well as DIY designs to link in with the magazine theme. I wanted the set to be quite photographic as it helped to break up some of the more text heavy sections of the magazine.
Example spreads.
Mag 1 Mag 3 Mag 4 Mag 5 Mag 6 Mag 7 Mag 8 Mag 9 Mag 10 Mag 11 Mag 12 Mag 13 Mag 14 Mag 15 Mag 16 Mag 17 Mag 2
Austerity measures spreads
am 1 am 2 am 3 2 am 4 am 5

Austerity measures…Stand there and take it

As part of our magazine project, it was required to do a photo shoot based around the theme of austerity measures. When taking into consideration the theme of our magazine we thought that the best approach to take would be ‘stand there and take it’ stripping everyones opinions away. This led us to the idea of powder paint and the ability of not being able to fully control the mark it makes on you.

We managed to get permission to use a local Lincoln park called Liquorice park thanks to the lovely owner. Even though the weather was freezing cold and raining we were determined to get the photos we wanted and here are some of the results…

Video featured at the end.

IMG_3451_1500 IMG_3493_2_1500 IMG_3497_3_1500 IMG_3549_10_1500 IMG_3570_4_1500 IMG_3647_1500 IMG_3761_5_1500 IMG_3934_9_1500

Austerity measures – powered paint fight from Lucy Perkins on Vimeo.

Glass half full…

Now that it’s finally the christmas holidays, I decided it was time to catch up on some much needed blogging of my 3rd year work!

This piece is a side element from one of my favourite briefs that I got this year. We were given the task of creating a magazine in groups of 6 which will be explained in another post. The magazine is called divide and focuses on individual opinions and choosing who you want to be.

We each created our own limited edition screen print which the reader would receive in the magazine. It uses the well known phrase of glass half full and glass half empty. The buyer would be able to pick which view they believed in, keeping in the theme of our manifesto.

poster 2

poster 3

poster 1

P1110437 P1110428 P1110432

Penguin brief – One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

A few months ago we were given the new penguin brief as our project, and with book design being one of my favourite elements of design I was over the moon. We were asked to create a magazine of the book (as shown below), typeset the first two chapters and then create to book covers, one digital and one non digital. Straight away I was looking forward to the challenge.

For my digital cover, I wanted it to look very mysterious and intrigue the viewer with bold imagery and unfussy type.


For my Non digital, I wanted to feature two designs in one using a fold over book jacket. The cover represents a more clear version of how a character (Nurse Ratched) wants things to be and then the under layer shows how it really is.


Book jacket.Image