Limited edition

For one of my recent projects, we were given a newspaper article and asked to form an opinion on it.  Mine was a piece taken from the independent about how Royal Mail are dealing with christmas post and overcoming the issues that they had last year. We then had to design 6 limited edition posters to state are opinion with one limitation, that they had to be hand made and non digital. I was really excited for this project as it meant heading down to the print room and testing out all different methods from embossing to wood cut.

Final design.

I felt that the money spent to fix the issue was a positive thing so this is what i wanted to reflect in my poster. Although hard to see in the photograph i used a reflective metallic card to represent quality and luxury which i felt linked to the money. I also looked into forms of stamp marks, and got a personalised stamp made up from the lincoln stamp company stating 15,000,000  well spent to place in the corner with a christmas stamp to link everything together. I then spray painted the words as i felt screen printing did not look right on the design and was the best way to get my desired look.


About Lucy Perkins

I am a Graphic Design student at the university of Lincoln in my final year of study :)

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