Austerity measures…Stand there and take it

As part of our magazine project, it was required to do a photo shoot based around the theme of austerity measures. When taking into consideration the theme of our magazine we thought that the best approach to take would be ‘stand there and take it’ stripping everyones opinions away. This led us to the idea of powder paint and the ability of not being able to fully control the mark it makes on you.

We managed to get permission to use a local Lincoln park called Liquorice park thanks to the lovely owner. Even though the weather was freezing cold and raining we were determined to get the photos we wanted and here are some of the results…

Video featured at the end.

IMG_3451_1500 IMG_3493_2_1500 IMG_3497_3_1500 IMG_3549_10_1500 IMG_3570_4_1500 IMG_3647_1500 IMG_3761_5_1500 IMG_3934_9_1500

Austerity measures – powered paint fight from Lucy Perkins on Vimeo.


About Lucy Perkins

I am a Graphic Design student at the university of Lincoln in my final year of study :)

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